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I got home from work last night it was in the low 30s with temps in the 40s predicted for the rest of the week.
Had to pull the 800 out for one last ride. I took off by myself and rode a little over 50 miles. I then parked the sled for that long period of time that is not snowmobiling season. My wife said isn't that boring riding by yourself?
She just doesn't understand
The 11" of snow that we got Friday and Saturday is melting quickly.
Even though the riding season was very brief I was still able to put on 1033 miles. I feel sorry for everyone who's riding season was even more brief or non- existant.
Hopefully next season will bring plenty of snow. All of us fanatics that spend countless hours thinking, talking, reading about, spending money on and working on our toys deserve a great season.

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