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As a professional wholesale dealer in China, in addition to amazing mobile phones that also provide customers every day to cool electronics. This time, we recommend more perfect intelligent electronic video recorder spy camera.
This dvr spy camera designed in cartoon style a lot, like a cartoon decor do-it-yourself users to install it for free. Intruders are not easy to find. On the other hand, it is easy to operate.
This clever cartoon recorder can also be used as Webcom and play on the computer. Users can take to have video conferences with family and friends. Can also be used to store recorded video. At the same time record the time and date. Serve with memeory expansion function, can satisfy the needs of the photograph on it.
Cheap spy camera DVR comes with high compression ratio of video storage format and 640 * 480 VGA resolution, which makes the effect of the vedio and pictures of not less than the real digital video cameras. We can say that can satisfy the interests of fans of photography.
In addition, this hidden spy camera equipped with infrared night version function, ie even in the dark night, the intelligent spy DVR can work normally, and during the day. In addition, the effect is also very large. Therefore, no matter the day or night, is a perfect home guard. It can help users to register the shares at any time.
The mini spy camera also support motion detection function. This means you can record vivid mobile actions. The user can clearly see what the hackers do not break. It can transfer real, live data to protect the safety of the house
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