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Learnin' to Skid

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Well just stopped off at the Polaris dealer and bought myself a skid plate. Its actually fairly easy to install, but requires drilling 4 holes into the bulkhead and 2 more into the nose pan. A special tool is given with the plate that inserts threaded grommets into the holes you drilled. then the plate simply bolts on. Easy instalation = more protection

Triumph is now "skid-proof"
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well let me assure you that i am not skid proof....never have been, never will be. I have found myself watching the sled move on its own a couple times, as im sure most everyone has at least once. I had to find how well i could ride one way or another so i took it to the extreme...well actually a little past...other time was just being

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
im not sure what you mean by filling with snow? I think i probably have a different style plate than you do. My plate is an official plate from polaris, it is not aftermarket. I have slots made in the plate directly below the RAD arms and steering arms. If you look at the outline of this picture i made you can see what i am talking about.


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