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Learnin' to Skid

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Well just stopped off at the Polaris dealer and bought myself a skid plate. Its actually fairly easy to install, but requires drilling 4 holes into the bulkhead and 2 more into the nose pan. A special tool is given with the plate that inserts threaded grommets into the holes you drilled. then the plate simply bolts on. Easy instalation = more protection

Triumph is now "skid-proof"
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hey triumph, i know that your sled is skid proof, but what about when your playing on some drifts, hit some big air, then realize there is a huge drop behind the drift. hoe the rest of you is "skid proof" other wise may be embarassing come laundry day.
id say get one, youll be happy with the results, not only great lookin on your sled, but a little added protection under neth, i know snow stuff and holeshot are good, if your not ordering one from polaris
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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