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lift skis to max

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as most of you probably already know my dad just purchased a 2001 XC SP 800. today someone was argueing with me about how it won't lift the skis off the ground very well because it's a Polaris. Does anybody know if these lift the skis well and how do I go about getting maximum height?

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man o man. I know you want to ge the skis off the ground but what good is this if your racing. It slows your hole shot. Most polaris's are supposedly known for some hesitation for the hole but thats bs because i know a lot of people that kick up the skis. Dont worry a new sled should grip pretty good, and pick em right up....
i beg to differ......ive got a friend that has a rxl 650 and he can lift the skis off the ground........and i did it on the grass saturday with my xlt tell your friends to shove off, it can be done!

I don't know why people obsess over lifting skis. Any sled can do it, remove your rear suspension scissor blocks, and undo the front limiter strap, your front end will fly into the air, even on a 340.

Anyway, lifting skis is bad, no control with your steering in the air. So I find people who just want skis in the air to be stupid.

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I think it is kinda cool to have your skis in the air although most sleds are designed not to do that. Getting your skis in the air depends on so many factors it isn't funny. It most likely isn't that you don't have enough power because for one thing the Polaris 800 twin has some of the largest torque and HP specs in the lower rpm's than any other in it's class.

I believe the XC SP ride on the edge skid which is a fully coupled rear skid. Fully coupled skids reduce ski lift for better handling. I would wager to say though that you should'nt have much trouble raising the skiis.
In the grass my 800 Cat stands straight up on the back of the track. I going to install a coupling kit to reduce the ski lift.

If you really want ski's in the air do like p-man says and you have it. Or you could go and put some studs in the track and that should take care of it on the grass and hard-pack. Optimum ski lift is just enough to lose contact with the ground on very hard acceleration.

As for me, i like to keep 'em on the ground cuz when that corner comes up, i wanna turn instead of hitting that tree that is straight ahead. As long as my track doesnt spin on accel i could care less about ski-lift

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If you don't want to follow P-man directions you can always walk to the front of the sled and lift on the two skiis and have a friend nail the throttle. That should take care of all of you're problems.

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I weigh about 280 lbs so I imagine I would have a hard time keeping the skis on the

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If my 377 Saffaris will lift the skis up, I'm sure that any 800 Polaris will do quite well.

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I agree. I'd rather have my skis to turn, rather than use as a pointing devise to the North star. Think about it......if the front of the snowmobile is going up, you're wasting engine power to raise it, which could be better used to move it FORWARD. That's just one of the reasons drag sleds try keeping the skis get there 1st.

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The XC SP is a tremendous sled. My only complaint with the engine itself, is that it is unbearibly hard to start. The Decompression hole they put on the 2002 really boosts power down low along with easing the starting strain. As for the Ski lift, that sled will easily lift them 4-5 inches off the snow. It's torque is very good for a twin and it will do impress just about any anti-polaris person, if there is such an idiot.

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