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lookin to race

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I'm looking into starting snocross in a year or two. I just need to know some stuff about how to jump. I hit jumps every once in a while, but not too much. A couple of times i messed up big time. Once i fell off the back and another i came close to a bad nose dive.

I just wanna know how fast i should go towards the jumps and still feel comfortable, when to let of the throttle, so on and so forth.

any advice would help and be appriciated so i can test different ways this winter.

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Start out small and work your way up. The biggest thing is to make sure that the jumps you are hitting have a take off jump and a landing jump. Haveing a landing jump makes it alot easier to go farther, and they make the lnding a little less harsh.
Jumping isn't all that hard at all, but I race MX. If you've even jumped BMX, mountain bikes, or MX bikes then you have a base to work off of. If you haven't here's a crash course. Hang on firmly, but not tight to the bars, stand up(watch sno-x for the position), and relaxe and get ready to hit the jump. If you tense up that's bad. With sleds you shouldn't let off the gas much, but don't have it pinned until you've practiced alot. If you do let off there goes a nose dive! If you get into a nose dive give her gas and lean back. Not so far you fall off though. If it's real nose high hit the brake, but let go before you land. The best way to get good at jumping is practice. Once you get better you can actually start to throw the sled around in the air. I built a tabletop with a snowplow in my backyard. Jumping is fun so you'll get good at it. If you wanna be good at sno-x it's got a lot to do with corners. Watch Sno-X and Moto-X and see how the good guys do it. Hope this helps.

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ok, thanks.

i jump my BMX all the time and i can get a lot of air with it. i guess if it is anything like that i should be able to get the hang of it ok.

once you are off the ground, the sled actually has a tendancy to point skyward. Most snocross racers tap the brakes once in the air to stay level.

Basic rule is, gas = nose up, brake = nose down.

Another thing is if you want to race, take your torsion bar off the front end, it helps stay level when you go off a jump. Because your front end will be fully independant. Watch out for high speed corners though, you will have to lean a lot then.

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my dad's buddy has a small kind of MX track set up at his property, and he has this one jump that him and my dad always hit. it is about probly 6 to 8 feet high.

Should i try to hit that? Is it too big to practice on?

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Roll the jump a few times and if you feel comfortable do it, just don't try something stupid.

What type of sled do you have?

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we got a 2000 MXZ 600 se and a 2001 MXZ 800 adrenaline. i'll probly try it on the 600 first, although they both got balls for twins

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The key to jumping is practice, practice, and more practice. Start out slow and gradually hit it with more speed. Also another trick that helps when going into a corner is to preload the skis by just tapping the break to put weight onto the skis. It will feel strange at first but once you get the hang of it the results are worth it.
i do the brake thing and it works really good even on the trails.

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This is what i do....Just go really fast, enough to clear the gap, and hope you land right. Sometimes you do, and when you dont you know what not to do again. It works!!

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you are going to get to know the handlebars. It may sound stupid but it is one of the most important aspects of racing. If you cant hang on, what good is racing?

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if you havent jumped anything like bikes, atv;s, sleds etc.. it going to take a little while to get used to hit some snow banks and snow mounds into some powder to get the feel of landing straight then just keep getting bigger
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