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i'm selling a 9' 8 weight St croix legend elite, it has a custom finished full wells high gloss cork grip, with aan extended 2" fightng butt, its a 4 piece rod retails for $369.00 asking $250.00, used one season.

My other rod is a 13' 6" sheffield float rod thats literally BRAND new, im8 graphite bllank, fixed reel seat, i bought it in september to try it for salmon and steelies stuck with my fly rod, asking $100.00 thats $100 off the retail price!

The reels are an okuma SLV 8/9 weight in good shape, cast aluminum body, solid reel with superficial marks, $30.00, or $15.00 with my fly rod, i'll also include orvis 9 weight double taper floating fly line thats brand new for an additional $40.00 its $70.00 fly line online. My other fly reel is an 8 weight pflueger trion thats been used twice, spooled with 20 # cortland hi vis backing 100 yards, and scientific anglers mastery wet tip express 8 weight sinking tip line. The reel sells for $100.00, and its fully machined, the scientific anglers wet tip express is a 70.00 line as well, i'll let the reel spooled up, ready to go for 125.00, or $100 with the St croix.

my 3rd reel is an okuma sheffield centerpin float reel, fully machined 275 yards of 8 pound trilene line, again never used like the sheffield rod. Will sell with rod as a package for $200, the reel retails for $189.99, thats a total of 189.00 saved if you buy seperately.
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