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lotsa snow

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AAAAAAAAAAhhhh 24" with a foot of new powder gotta love it lifes good
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Whoa, i just seen on the news that for the month of February Marquette, Michigan recieved 91.9" inches of snow!!! That's over 7 feet!
Man, i wish i had even 7 inches,.......... and i thought this whole time that nobody was getting any snow.
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Yea, Marquette had 91 inchs of snow, but that town is so anti-snowmobile it is sad. A bunch of old fogies up there don't like us young whippersnappers coming up spending our hard earned money in their town.
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And they wonder who pays their social security.

'00' 500 XC SP
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we've had about 10 incehs all winter but a recnt melting has left us don the 4 incehs but it is snowing as i type this
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