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Mach Z , DEAD

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Hey Everyone I have a problem to solve for my dad, His Mach Z keeps fouling plugs and now it's not running.

When we first got the sled it seemed to be fine. We got it home then baaabOOM a huge backfire and no spark, we got it fixed.

NOW= My dad went sledding for 2 days and it won't even start. He had to put almost 2 new sets of plugs in it over the 2 days.

Does anybody have a clue what is wrong with it.
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Obviously its running rich, although when i first got my Triumph i went through 2 BOXES (think there are like 12-18 plugs to a box??) of ngk plugs in a weekend. So two sets doesnt sound all that bad to j/k, a properly tuned sled should hardly ever foul a plug out. Make sure you are running a quality gasoline and of the proper octane rating. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much octane as well as too little octane. Make sure the gas is fresh, say less than a month old.

Ok, if all sounds good so far, make sure your air box has no restrictions (plugged foam filter) and that your chokes are adjusted properly. If you still seem to be satisfied with what i have said so far, its time to pull the carbs and give them a good cleaning, checking for stuck inlet needle valves, improper float lever, waterlogged floats and/or proper jet sizes.

I would say the #1 problem with any snowmobile engine performance complaints, is due to dirty carbs. Pull them off and give them a thorough cleaning, most of the time your problems will be solved.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
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Does it foul while riding or during trying to get it started or while idleing ?
The Mach z fouls plugs while riding it!

We checked the carbs and everything seems to be ok. I know for sure it is running way to rich and we think the choke may be a problem.

Thanks for the Help

Sounds like a stuck choke to me too. Try cleaning the carbs, bet that will take care of it.

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

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What size and year is the sled, it sound like the crank went out of timing.
My friend had a 1999 mach z 800 sounds like the same thing crank is out of timing it was near new at the time ski doo took care of him.
pull apart the fuel pump sometimes a back fire will break the diaphram.
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