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Make the snow glow!

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I had a thought! Yes its very odd for that to happen but I did. Well I was looking through a jc whitney catalog and saw some ground effect lights for cars. well they run on 12v dc so i figure... why not on my sled? lol make the trail glow under your as you speed through that snowy abyss!

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That would be kinda neat but wouln't all of the snow stick to them and then they wouldn't show then. Were would be some good places to install them???

Also look into if the sled can handle the extra load on the electrical.
You might have to keep the rpms up for the headlamp to work!

It would be cool to put lights under the hood so it would glow out of the openings like eyes. I think the lights might get broke while riding hard.

Hey guys

Just thought i would let ya know that they already make this type of a kit for snowmobiles. I seen a kit at my Dealer a month ago for the neon lights that go under the running boards. Not sure what the price was, didnt look, but they do make them. I also seen a kit in an old Dennis Kirk parts book that came with 6 or 8 short neon lights that went in the openings of the hood. I dont remember the prices but im sure if you look hard enough on the net you will be able to find them.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
Thats a wierd idea. Maybe im conservative, but I just want my sled to perform well, i dont care if I have neon snow below me.

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Cat used to sell 24" neon light tubes called 'Snow Glows' that attached to the running boards. They were'nt cheap $199.00. I'm not sure if they are still available.

I have to finish carpeting the dash and installing fuzzy dingleberries around the windshield befor I can make the step up to neon lights.Maybe chainlink handlebars too.
Sounds like less juice to the handwarmers. You would think it would break too. I know it would the way I ride!

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