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My dad just got back from SnoDeo in upstate New York. if you read American Snowmobiler Magazine the shootout they have each year takes place here. Well let me just say DO NOT BELIEVE THIS YEARS RESULTS!! They clocked the SXViper in the 1/4 mile doing 79MPH at the end. The XC 700 was doing 96MPH in the same distance. Something is really fishy here. I personally raced the SXViper(I was piloting it) in a 1/8 mile. The sled was doing well over 70MPH at the end of that. Unless the sled has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING after 70MPH I can't see how this is humanly possible. We raced against the XC 700 and though we did not always win(though sometimes) we were always running with the 700. At SnoDeo the Viper even lost to the XC 600s!! We ran againt 600s all modified for much better performance and every single time we kicked ass. The only time they even came close was I slept big time in the hole.
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