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Michigan Snow Conditions

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Snowing here now!!!!!!!! Around the lansing area we have about 3 inches now and another 3-6 is expected. Very heavy wet snow but hey, at lest its snow! Not sure how its doing up north, but if it keeps up like this i'm sure that the trails will be getting some traffic pretty soon.

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yeah well don't get your hopes up.

i'm from michigan too and this wet rain bull$#iT doesn't ever seem to be letting up. and the thing i'm tired of hearing the most is about how we got nailed by a big storm last year at this same time.

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Keep us posted on the snow in Michigan, i usually take a trip there every year, but so far it's looking glim. snow snow snow!
I hope we don't have a brown x-mas.

Let it snow!
here in traverse city and over in alpena, no snow yet. my relatives live in alpena. i hope we get some snow soon, cuz this is sickening.

who all here live in michigan? is there any snow in the UP yet?

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