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I just got back from my U.P. of michigan trip that lasted 3 days from Jan. 24-26.
I'm sure you all want to know what the snow is like. Well, overall it was very good! [8D]

We had a total of 9 people in our group with machines and we all stayed in a large cabin in the Bessemer/Ironwood area and put on about 200 miles. We rode East-ward from there, which was a good thing because the trails got much smoother and cleaner. However, locally the trails sucked to tell you the truth. Not just bumps, but moguls covered the trail system which looked as though it hadn't been groomed in a week. The trails were mostly dirty looking with all the sand mixed in. But once you get out of the crowded areas, the trails smoothed out and everything was white once again. If you want to practice sno-cross, just go ride these trails. [:eek:)] Off the trail, the snow is deep, fluffy and intoxicating! Some of these old logging roads are great.

Traffic you ask? LOTS! Let me repeat that...LOTS of snowmobile traffic! Mostly at intersections and gas stations. [}:)] The lakes were the best areas to spread out and relax. I've never seen so many people racing each other on a single lake in my life! People randomly lining up, 8 or more at a time, and letting 'em rip against all who dare take the challenge. I jumped in on it too, heheheee, boy was that fun! [:D] We even got our whole group of 9 sleds to line-up and hammer the throttle across the lake. I'll explain my results when i post the pics of our group.

Lots of MXZ's vs. Edge-X racing each other too. Even some REV's, Firecat's and Pro-X's were rippin' on each other and racing across the lake. I was impressed at how quick the F5's were. I was also impressed at how many Pro-X were the first ones to get to the other end of the lake. There was a good thick base of snow, plus 2" of fluff on top from overnight. Temps hovered right around 4*F so the sleds ran superb! I recall seeing a sleek black RX-1 Mountain sled...that thing looked bad-a$$!

Snow: I would say the area had between 18-24" and most of it is pretty light. Some trails were awesome, and others were quite bad, but there was always snow to drive on. It snowed a little every night. Keep in mind Michigan normally has more snow than this, so even they are experiencing a snow shortage. Overall, I had a great time and nobody got injured.

The cabin was great too. 2 story, 8 beds, fireplace, sauna, cable TV, etc...cost about $690 for the weekend, but divided 9 ways is pretty affordable!

We had our fair share of problems. My primary clutch spring broke the second day i was there. [:(!] I was angry it had to happen NOW of course, but it was still drive-able. We also had to tow an AC Cougar back to the nearest town because of problems it had. Bring a tow rope guys!

If anybody plans on going soon, all i will mention is to make sure you have a new set of sharp wear bars on because you WILL need them.

I have pics to post. I will get them up as soon as i am able to. Sorry, i don't have a digital cam. [V]
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