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Modding Sleds.

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I want to modify my sled. I am looking at modifing the cosmetics. Seat, hood etc.. Not necessarily the engine just yet. I am looking for sites that talk and show pictures of that kinda stuff. Haven't found anything yet.
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arctic cat? Yamaha? Polaris? SkiDoo? They all have OEM asthetic upgrade parts. Even engine ones that don't void your warranty.
Yeah, we need more info, what machine are you modding?

I Love B&M Coasters.
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I want to mod 2 sleds. 1977 Skidoo Olympique 340 and a 1989 Yamaha 340 Lt.

The yamaha I need to repair the seat, it is coming apart at the seams. So i figure. I dont use the metal carrying basket at the back so I would make a whole new seat. With a longer two up section and have a storage space under that. And then make a back rest at the back alot smaller than what is on there. My brake light would go on that. I was also thinking on forming a plug for a new stylized hood. Using wood and foam to form to the engine space and stuff I have to play with. I was thinking of using the old hood to use as a template for the space I had and go from there. I am going to use a wood base former and then apply the blue foam insulation over that. Get my shape and everything, then lay fiberglass (light weight, bunch of layers) or I might evern try this 6 meters of kevlar I have.

As for the Skidoo. It is just a fun machine and I was going to cut it down to almost nothing on weight and see what I can do with it.

I was just looking for any sites that had pictures or anything on modifcations to sleds in general. Like what I am talking about or other things like that. I have only a few sites I have found that talk about tuned pipes, etc..

Thnx guys
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errr. 1989 Yamaha 400 LT.
well if you have the capabilities to do it I would say do it. I have never seen stuff custom made on sleds. Well not like that anyway. I like the idea of shaving the seat back rest thing off. Blades come with an option for a seat that has or doesn't have that back rest. I sort of like the no backrest thing but it looks like you will slip right off the back ;)
When I start and finish the project I will post pictures. I will have a back rest. Just the seat will be longer and still have the back rest. So no slippy here. Although tossing the wife off the back every once and a while wouldn't be a bad thing right?? :)

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