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I have a 74 dart swinger I picked up about 4 years ago. For the most part just drove it the way it was the first year I had it. I did put duals on it other than it was factory original when I picked it up.
After the first year I just wasn't happy. So I put in a small built 318 A guy gave me for building it since he no longer had a use for it. Well that did the trick for me until this year. Then I was able to get my hands on a good usable core 360 magnum out of customers truck at the shop i work for. Original plans I was just going to use the heads but then I started to read on the stroked motors so i scraped those plans. So now I have started at the rear and I am building the car to hold up to the new motor started with a 8.75 rear end with 3.23 sure grip for now. Next I'm on to the tranny hoping to have that done this winter So I can get started on the motor.
I'm just wondering if anybody on here has stroked a 360 magnum.
If you have please post some opinions on the motor. I have been doing a lot of reading on the web and asking a lot of people around car shows. So far I have been liking what I hear about the motor. But I have yet to hear from somebody who actually owns a car with a stroked 360 magnum.

Also from what i'm finding it sounds like it will be around 450HP and 500TQ at the crank. I know it all depends on what else i do to the motor but for the most part those seam to be the numbers i come up with. If any of you know are those numbers true for the most part.

Thanks for any input.
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