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I am going to make that rising rate block set up for the torsion springs. hot seat sells the kit for 150 or something like that I figured out my parts and it will cost me about 15 dallars and a little time.
i am going to use a couple three quarter in nuts and a piece of aluminum pipe.
what are some other high buck little aftermarket parts a guy can try to make. i am not starting my own copy cat buisness. but if i can make it for myself and save some money than what the heck.
also next winter i am going to try to make longer parts in the rear suspension to lift the machine and add a little travel. may sound silly but why not try if i like that stuff. over the next couple years i am going to try to make an oddessey or four wheeler that can use the 800xcr engine. not that i have to much time on my hands, just to much day dreaming going on.

nothing goes like three holes!!!!!!!
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