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SO heres the story. I bought a 2000 700 rmk and the guy I bought it from said that the kid he had bought it from had put a 2000 800 rmk Mukini carbs in it. Long story short, they dont work very well because there 800 carbs in a 700 engine. (Come to find out my entire sled is a 2000 800 rmk except the engine) Anyways, I'm always fighting these stupid things and my sled is always running at 80%. I went into the Polaris dealer and they said I had to tune my carbs to work for a 700. So I bought new needles and tuned my idle mix ratio to 2.5 turns. (800 is 2.0) But I still have to jet it to something completely diffrent from any jetting chart available. For home (0-3000) I've been jetting it at 410 430 with the needle at 2 when the needle should be at 3. Now the sled runs ok until you try to run it in some powder or climb a hill. Than it goes right back down to 80%. I'm tempted to buy an ATTAC for it but I want it to work normally without one first before I blow a bunch of money on it. So if anybody knows how to fix this problem please help because I'm tired of being that guy who has to stop to tune his sled every 10 minutes when we go riding. And if nobody has a solution than I got a 2000 800 rmk Mukini carbs for sell or trade for a 700 carb (Kihien or Mukini)
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