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My cousin just bought a '97 ski-doo mxz and he had a fairly good mechanic look at it to see why it is hesitating off the line. He cleaned that sled up from top to bottom and he called everyone HE knew and no one could figure out why this is happenning. My brother brought his machine in to the same guy and while they were yakkin' he noticed that there are two threaded holes on the inside of each carb, one on either side. Are there screens or something that are supposed to be in his carbs. I thought that maybe they would slightly limit the airflow enough to get the proper mixture needed, and without them there's too much air. His midrange and top end is good.

If anyone knows about this, or has a diagram or something, he could sure use a hand. He's not sure if this could damage his sled or not so we're hoping you knowledgable folks could help us out.

Thanks in advance.

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