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MXZ rear susp. question

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I just bought a used 2001 MXZ 500 and I am setting up the rear suspension. In the book it says that if I have the rear preload set corretly, when I sit on the sled the rear coupling blocks should be in the middle of the 2 rubber stops. Well when I'm on it the blocks are all the way back. Same thing when I up the preload. When I set it for my size (200-230 lbs) the blocks are even rear of center when my 145lb step-brother gets on it. The sled is mint and has only 1200 miles on it. The rear susp. feels great and it sits just fine. It's seems pretty far fetched that the springs could be worn out already. This is my first Ski-Doo so I don't know much about them. Should I even bother paying attention to those blocks?

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Bill, The blocks on my sled have been touching the stops(when I sit on it) since new(2000 miles now). I haven't had any problem except the occassional bottoming out on the big bumps. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
My dealer told me the same thing when I bought it.
Enjoy your ride, It's a nice one!

I have mine second from the bottom. I find the hook-up much better with the combination I have. With it too stiff the track spins too much.

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