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My 89 indy 650

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This is my 89 Indy 650 I have been fixing up. Sled is equipped with fox shocks front and back, widening kit, C&A pro skis(not pictured) new track with 96 woodys studs, fresh rebuild on driven clutch 55 gram/almond gold primary/ stock secondary, custom made handle bars, screen kit. Sled has 7500 miles on original engine(never modified). It is simply amazing how well this sled runs for its age a mileage runs better than most new sleds. Also stays within 1 sled length of 99 Zrt 600(with D&D clutch kit and v-force reeds) all the way to top end. Never been a big fan of the wedge but this sled has grown on me, doesn't feel heavy however rear suspension is not so good in bumps, Transfers wieght very well though. Looking to maybe upgrade to xtra 10 rear and would like to replace the 7 gallon gas tank and the seat.
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Indytriple I had the very same sled. I did have it ported, heads cut, SLP pipes and a seat and tank from a 94 Indy 440. 12 gal tank is a must. Nice looking sled.

good day
On my 91 indy 500 it was a real easy conversion from that crappy two piece to the newer 1 piece.

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I got a hood just like that for backup!! LOL! If I wreck the one I got i'll take the decals off the 650 one and get it custom painted! would be nice, but I don't plan on wrecking the hood I got!! Sounds like u got yourself a nice sled though!!
i really like the looks of your sled indytriple, that old and it doesn't even look outdated. it's actually much better than a lot of the graphic designs these days. and yeah, switch tanks.

There's no stopping Arctic Cat........ REALLY!!

'99 XC SP 500
Not as flashy as the new ones, but that thing appears to be in great condition.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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Hey Indy, sign on name seems familiar.

Sled looks like its in great condition. I have a 90 650 and as you mentioned tank would be a good upgrade.

I will try to post another pic of mine.
Ahh, another 650. I love those sleds. The colors are nice and simple. They look great!

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Great lookin sled man. I really like the red on it.

1997 XLT SP 600
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Sweet sled. I think the 89's graphics are surely the best of that time. My dads friend has an 89 650. His has the low black windshield, screen kit, bender triple pipes, a new seat cover that has red along the top, bender triple pipes, a nose cone heat exchanger. The sled is very similiar to your except, on his Intake plate infront of the speedometer it says Poison in really cool graphics and colors. I love those 650's

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<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by SmXcr:

bender triple pipes, a new seat cover that has red along the top, bender triple pipes.

Remember: DON"T HESITATE.........ACCELERATE!!!![/quote]

Wow six pipes on one sled?

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...

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