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my 91 RXL 650

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sled says 1989
the title says 1990
and polaris says 1991
I was told it was ordered early and was one of the first rxl's on the trails.
Its seems to have the smaller fuel tank than it should, its holds 7.5 gallons I think.I only get 5 gallons in and its full from a 1/4 tank
she starts on the first pull and runs nice!

91 polaris indy 650 RXL EFI
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Mine is a 91 and its a different color :-( Its Navy and Red which is not as cool looking as the Black and Red

I need spellcheck!

91 RXL/SKS 650
91 Exciter II 570
LOL for a second I forgot that has a battery in it. When I saw the extension I thought you either had a block heater or it was an electric motor.

Great sled, 7.5 Gal seems really low to me. the XLTs have 10.7

I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS
sharp sled. Looks like it's been well taken care of. Had to cheap out on non-matching windshield wings though

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Wow I need a cable modem! Nice sled though, I almost bought one about 5 years ago.
Nice lookin machine

I Love B&M Coasters.
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I keep it pluged in! battery tender JR.
I got the windshield flares off auction for cheep and in the daylight they kinda match the hood decals! The winshield has a little crack so Ill get a better one and sell the white polaris flares. I just added a power madd cargo caddy, it makes an awesome tool box, and a Bulldog remote controlled alarm, Just touch my hood!!!LOL
Id hate to see my sled for sale as parts on ebay!!!

91 polaris indy 650 RXL EFI
nice lookin sled. well taken care of. i noticed you have it on a leash???? what does it keep running away? lol
Only ride the best!!! Nice sled eh. The best part, its paid for. A buddy had one similar to it, all beefed up and boy did it rock the ice. Not much could keep up to it. Is it all stock? Take care of the old girl, looks great.
yep all stock! It seems rich and down on power, but im not real sure. Found a friend that has the same sled so Ill find out! The EFI box has a peice of black electrical tape on the mixure screw so it may be set incorrectly/rich.
Its a big machine with plenty of torque, I just needs some studs and to adjust/lube the suspension.

91 polaris indy 650 RXL EFI
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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