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hey i got the citation to run.
Yesteday at the shop we replaced
the sparks
replaced an idler wheel
replaced gas and oil with new stuff
cleaned the piston and cylinder out
replaced some other nuts and bolts that were rusting
replaced the rings
replaced spark cover or gaps or w.e they called
tapered up a rip on the seat.

[red] the throttle response is a lil slow [/red] would that be because of the cables or the carbs?

And know i found a hole in the back of the hood. CAn i use fiberglass to cover this hole?
I will post pictures.
We are going to paint it in the auto body shop next week

If anyone doesn't know i got a free 1980 citation. i got it to run. The throttle cable is really tough. I did a little rev on it. The thing has a good amoutn of power! i took it out on the grass a lil bit. I'm turning into a ski doo man!!!![^] lol .

But in all terms this was my first project guys and i would like to thank the person who gave me this sled.
Its not a real real real project but its enough toget me into the knowing of fixing. Thank you......
You guys may think i'm over reacting but i think its really cool we got it running!!

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Sounds like you have a good project going on. The tough throttle cable sounds like either its rusted in there or gummed up. Try spraying a penatrante or something made for cables. Or just replace them.
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