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My snow is idsapearingfast.

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Well we had 6 inches of snow, then it rained and got ice on top, then now it was 40 yesterday, then 35 today and we lost about half out snow. It sucks big time. And we wold of had another 2-3 inches today but it was to warm and it just rained. Im getting all the sled ready, the 94 xlt, wich i had running a long time ago, 80 polaris txc which needs now idler wheeles which are i order, andthe 73 colt which i just got runnin, and cant drive and one of em. It stinks. So every one pray for SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LOTS OF IT!

Ride Polaris!
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We are having the same problems up here. Rain and heat. Dammit.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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