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My viper

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I need to get some pics of it outside where theres more light....and hopefully snow
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Excellent motor shot. Others are a little dark. How long before you think you'll get the snow cover there Yamanator?

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Sweet ride, dude! I bet you don't even have it broken in yet?

Let it snow!
sweetness bro. My best friends dad has the ER version. They are hot sleds!

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If I didn't go with the ZR I think the yamaha would have been my next choice....they just look so mean!!! I love it!!

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Guy at the races we ran at made his own tip for his Viper. Sounds mean but I would kill myself if I had to ride it on the trails. The tip is mean and sounds AWESOME in a drag race but I bet he will hate it on trails.
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Those yamaha's are some super sweet sleds, but you should be prepared to pay alot for parts for them.I guess thats the price you pay for an awesome sled.It's kinda wierd that Yamaha quit making twin cylinder sleds though.Whats up with that?

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Don't know they dropped their bottom end. Oh well. And I know what you mean on parts. Our local dealer told us that he only sells Yamaha sleds to keep his hobby(he snowmobiles) cheap. He is a great guy though his shop is one of the biggest dealerships in the US. He sells motorcycles, dirtbikes, ATVs, and snowmobiles. He sells all different kinds of them, except snowmobiles those he only sells Yamahas.
That does look quite nice! I just don't know why Yamaha never got into the twin market?

all their 500s were twins they just never made them real well. They make a great triple and I prefer triples so I don't care.
The SXViper is #1!!! I can't wait to race mine.
"ride it like you stole it"
I prefer "Make a fist and go" works two ways one of which isn't so nice really.
Nice sleds! Yamanator are you useing the pool solar cover to keep it warm at night?

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Hey guys,
Has anyone heard of a problem with the center jug.
I have a buddy who the dealer won't let have his sled until they figure out the overheating problem.
Not a stock sled, Bender mods and a 151 x 2" track. The story I got was that the extra load makes it overheat the center cylinder. I guess part of the fix will be a monoblock head with dial a domes.
Should be a hot ride once they get the bugs worked out.

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wouldn't be surprised with triple pipes especially with how tight it is under the hood. That is one thing about Yamaha they build the hoods RIGHT around the engines. If you look at the SRX from the front there is a couple inch larger hump on the left side to accomodate the pipes.
yamanator, how old are you.. u look way to young for the sled... like i always wonder? did you pay for it? or did daddy?

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Hey man, it's not cool to get on people about their age. Look how young you should know what it is like. And so what if his "daddy paid for his sled", more power to him! It's just the people that get stuff paid for them and then act all snobby about it and beat on the stuff that I don't like. Just try to keep the name-calling in check, ok?

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

founding member of the Arctic Cat Mind Control will believe!!
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it doesn't matter how you got it if yat ride like ya stole it!

I need spellcheck!
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