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Nady MA100 motorcycle alarm $40

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I found a cool motion sensor alarm!
Its pretty basic, but for $40 what the hey!
They also have a pageing model for $100
I also like the Gorilla cycle alarm I found it for $70
A few years back a friend came out of the bar to find his brand new Indy storm gone!
anyone find a better deal?

91 polaris indy 650 RXL EFI

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I found a kill switch to be a rather safe idear too. We all know Polaris is like the easiest sled to start without a key. Remember to have a Kill switch you need to ground it on. So if the back of the ignition switch is poped off the ignition is still grounded.

If leaving the sled out of sight, lock it! You do not need to start a sled to steal it. And a lock and cable should go through the track suspension, Skiis and lift handles are cut too easily. Try to leave them in view of many people. Bolt cutters suck if you own the sled.

"Meaningless Ride"
Oh I found motion alarms a novelty they either broke on the ride or froze up during the night.

"Meaningless Ride"
Ok - Polaris only makes 5 different keys. Anyways, all a thief needs to do is pull the back of the key switch off to start it. And all thiefs know where the "hidden" kill switches are.

I found that the best way to insure that your sled is there when tyou come back is to lock it. The best lock that I have found in both cost and convience is from Polaris. It is a throttle lock. It hooks on the back of the throttle body and covers the kill switch. The lock has a wedge that pushes tightly in to where the throttle meets the handlebars. This will prevent the kill switch from being lifted, and most of all, the throttle from being squeezed.

But nothing will stop a few good old boys and a pickup truck. - insurance
Well heres what has worked for my family in the past....Usually if someone is going to start your sled to steal it, they are in a real hurry to get it going and get the heck outta dodge, otherwise they would just bring a truck and load her up and haul her away. My uncle has had 2 attempts for someone to steal his '96 Ultra. The only thing he ever does is shut off the fuel switch when he leaves the sled. The two attempts at theft got no further than 100 yards away when the sled ran out of gas. Theifs are in such a hurry, that if the sled dies they dont wanna be seen working under the hood trying to figure out whats wrong, they will just go find another that runs.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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