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Much to my surprise, I came back from school to find snow that still appeared ridable. Naturally, I had to try to get another ride in this year. There were 5 of us that met up at RMK-KING's place to ride this afternoon. Snow started out hard this morning, but as the sun peaked temps around 40*F, the snow softened up. Unfortunately, we had fog roll in just as we were to go riding, but we made the best of it, and ripped up some drifts!

Snowmobile Snow Vehicle Racing Winter
Snow Snowboarding Snowboard Slopestyle Winter

Extreme sport Flip (acrobatic) Stunt performer Geological phenomenon Vehicle

Extreme sport Vehicle Freestyle bmx Stunt performer Stunt
Extreme sport Freestyle motocross Stunt performer Flip (acrobatic) Stunt

Freestyle motocross Extreme sport Motocross Racing Vehicle
Snow Geological phenomenon Fun Winter Freezing

Snow Geological phenomenon Recreation Winter sport Winter
Snowmobile Vehicle Racing Stunt performer Extreme sport

Blackcat (on my '98 ZR)
Snow Winter Atmospheric phenomenon Geological phenomenon Landscape
Snow Snowmobile Extreme sport Winter Geological phenomenon

Snow Winter Winter storm Freezing Blizzard
Snow Extreme sport Snowboard Slopestyle Snowboarding

Snowmobile Vehicle Racing Motorsport Snow
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Snowmobile Snow Vehicle Winter sport Winter

Snowboard Snowboarding Flip (acrobatic) Freestyle motocross Snow
Snow Extreme sport Snowboard Snowboarding Flip (acrobatic)

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Snowmobile Vehicle Racing Extreme sport Snow

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It was a good time as usual,still had alot of snow left surprisingly. Had plenty of stucks and a few tip overs,cant complain [thumb]

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Snow Winter Winter storm Snowmobile Blizzard

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Snowmobile Extreme sport Snow Racing Flip (acrobatic)

Snow Winter Sky Geological phenomenon
Snow Snowmobile Winter Vehicle Geological phenomenon

BOS on his M8
Snowmobile Snow Vehicle Racing Extreme sport
Snowmobile Snow Vehicle Racing Sled

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zecow224 said:
how do u like ur sno-pro? Thinking about getting one.
Love it. It handles everything I throw at it and more. They tend to trench in deep snow due to the narrow track, but I find it a small price to pay. I've learned how to handle it. For the flatlands I ride, I thoroughly enjoy my SnoPro.

the_hog said:
Did you guys dip into the homebrew at all?
It was opened briefly when Shane and I got back to the garage. Had a few drinks here, hit the bar for a bit for some chicken, then Shane hit the road back for Stanley. I think my ZR worked him over pretty good...but then when you haven't ridden sled in 2 years, that'll probably happen. lol. [beatup]

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powersledder said:
Well now I know who stole the UP's snow this year, dam NDers.
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