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need help w/ carbides

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I am wonderin what kind of carbides to get w/ my machine. I have a 99 Powder Special w/ plastic skis. This time i got some from Arctic Cat, the standard ones for this machine which are 4 inches

Does more carbide mean better control no matter what, or just w/ studs? give me an overview on carbides please?

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If your riding power I wouldn't see much use for carbides. On the trail too much carbide can be dangerous. The skiis will bite sending the back end of the sled around. Studs and carbides kind of go hand in hand, the more studs the longer the carbides you need to keep the handling balanced. With your Powder Special without studs I wouldn't go with more than 4" of carbide. Just my opinion and a little experience with too much carbide.

Yea, if you are riding powder I don't really see the use in carbides. But on ice and with studs, or hardpack snow and studs you should have longer carbides.

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Too much is worse than too little especially on ice without picks

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I'm studless and I have 8" carbides on 1/2" rods and I like them alot better than the 5" originals.
But in powder they are useless.

we get this half ass stuff around here. Powder in some spots, hard snow in others, trails, lakes and everything. I know they are useless in powder, but if i could ride in powder and only powder...well.....that would be heaven

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
Yeah, what 700 and acguy said. Most of the time to get to the powder you have to run ditches or pavement near our cabin so I have 7" carbides on my Xlts. Saves the skins. In powder they aren't useless, they're just irrelevant. Gotta surf in the deep stuff anyway. I remember the first ride I had on carbide vs. steel ski or steel wearbar.

Without=hit snowbank across street as I attempted to turn up hill out of my cabin driveway.

With=blip the throttle and make the corner.

No need for studs where I come from. Never gets too slick for the 2" camo.

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