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I have a 91 AC EXT 530 L/C. when I bought the snowmobile it would engage around 4200-4300 RPMs which I loved and always thought that it was stock. I ended up rebuiling the clutches with stock parts thinking thats what was in there and when I took it out for the first time it would only engage at about 3600 RPMs. The only thing that could remember about the old set up was that it had a yellow/green spring in the primary. Stock set up is like 56 gram weights and a red spring. So I now have a y/g spring and stock weights. I thought about grinding stalls in the weights, but I really dont want to do that. I bought some spring spacers to raise the engagement but w/ the info I got with the spacers it says that the y/g spring is SOLID @ 1 3/16". What should I do? Should I maybe go back to the red spring and then use the spacers, or is it safe to use the spacers with the y/g spring? If at all possable I don't want to change the wieghts unless thats my only resort.

Thanks a lot
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