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Hi i have a 1989 ski-doo citation ls 250cc, anyway i had the lower oilseal in the case case go last year as a result my chain tensioner melted and wasn't applying enough tension to the chain which had started to slap against the case on the opposite side of the case, which i beleive was because of the tensioner it self, i replaced it and rode like 15km and then opened my case to take a peek it had started to cut a groove in the plastic tensioner again and was slapping on the case cutting an ever deeper groove in it(still lots of oil in the case, none leaked out)

Anyway then this led me to beleive my chain had streched from the heat cause by running with out oil and searched for about 1 month before i was able to find chain the proper size and make myself one since they aren't made anymore.

I put the new chain on today with new oil and came up with the same results, is this a product of ski-doos poor engineers by having only one tensioner all or most other skidoos with the plastic tensioner have two, what can i try this is getting irritating as i've tried almost everything with no success.

Is there any other ski-doo chain cases with the same bolt pattern for bolt in? could i retrofit something, i'm out of ideas and have put a heck of alot of money into this thing, new track, motor(new everything lol) etc.

Heres some pics, i'm open to any and all advice.
I'm holding the chain so it doesn't rest against the case,if i turn the secondary clutch it will seem tight on this side but no matter what it returns slack after riding


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