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The problem with the prox skid is the sag. this sag is not due to the suspension though, it the location of it. you have a alot of low resistance saggy travel for the first half and the second half of the travel it get hard, well this will fix almost all of that. the whole problem is in the location of the front torque arm, its to high. it take a lot of travel in the in the rear arm to transfer some of the weight to the front torque arm, then suddenly it hard. this also has a los in traction because only the rear half of the suspension is on the ground at the beginning of travel. by lowering the front torque arm both of these problems are fixed but you will ahve to sacrifice a little cornering because you wiill have a little more ski lift (really you get used to it fast and if your like me you like the ski lift and the extra pop when jumping).

to start you need to remove your skid.after this get in under the tunnel and your going to do some measuring. im pretty sure in the 04's there is already predrilled pilot hole but im not sure. you need to start by measuring center to center 7/8 on and inch down from the OEM front torque arm hole. its nice to use either a pencil or something that makes a scratch. you want a fine line not a shapey. you are going to want to measure a at a few angle and kinda make an arch because after thing you have to measure the front to rear distance. you want to do this on both sides before going on. next you will want to measure the center to center distance from the rear to the front OEM hole. i think is like 23 and 3/8 but i dont remember. after getting that you need to measure that same length from the rear hole to the arch you now made and find the point on the arch and make another line so you have a center. yoyu will notice that it is not directly down from the hole its a little back, dont worry that how its suppose to be. do this on both. now take a center punch and center punch the hole. after this drill a samll pilot hole like 1/8 or 1/4 what ever you have around. make sure you drill really straight and that the bit is shape so you make a really nice pilot, you dont want the bigger bit jumping around. after this drill out the hole to size with your 7/16 bit, also make sure its shape. do it to the other side and your done.

after all of this you will want to loosen the adjusters on the rear wheel on the skid all the way back, this mod will take up a little more track room so the wheel need to be moved back. then put you skid back in, adjust the rear wheels for the right track sag and your suspension ill be much much better. you still will want to adjust your shocks and springs to you liking after this because the suspension will feel totally different but its way better
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