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I have a 1996 XCR 600 SP. Love this old sled and with 4,000 miles still runs very well. Pretty much all stock except for gears and jets.
I think my primary is in need of a rebuild. At an idle it makes a whiring, howling noise. It is not the belt, i replaced that in December and have no marks on the clutch face or odd wear on the belt. Is this clutch a P-85 or P-90? How do i tell? I have no clutch tools, so i am considering just buying a new clutch off of ebay and replacing the spring with a new stock spring. Looking for any advice as i am new to the whole clutch thing. I rebuilt the secondary in December. put a new spring, bushings and buttons in it. Clutch faces look great as they get cleaned ever year. thanks in advance.
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