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Ok all my friends went and bought new Apex RTX.

Im completely sick of hearing about them already. And yes I know they are a very nice sled. But I gotta get my XC700 a little help to run with them. Its a 98 with 220 jugs.

Here is what I have going and am either doing or am in the process of it.

Putting Edge skid in it with fox clicker shocks. - Just got that yesterday going to do it tonight.

Got a good clutch set up and picking up the needed pieces for it - 62 gram weights and 48/36 or similar helix. Im 6'2 290lbs and need something for aggressive trail riding.

Im going to lean it out from the factory settings a bit and got new needles to help mid range richness.

I was also told the Power Packs for the Keihens worked real well and would help keep it a bit cleaner down low.

Anyways I dont really plan on being able to outrun them on the lakes, but just need something to stay close and make it interesting on the trails and twisties when we are out beating on them....

Really thinking of a single pipe but one slipped away on ebay.... anything else you folks can think of? Anything you got laying around for sale that might help>?

I do have a studded track but its pretty well worn. Im thinking track change with new studs shortly...but we all know those arent cheap.

Motor has a good chunk of miles on it, and will pull it this summer for a good freshen.... maybe a few hundred extra CC's at the same time :)

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I can tell you what I ran on my xc 700 but you outweigh my by a 100lbs so it might be to aggressive for you.

Twins would really wake the 700 up and put a smile on your face. Tempaflo would keep your jetting spot on.

Too much tuning with the PP's for me.

On mine for jetting I ran 175's stock was 180.
Also run some of these,

supposed to help low end.


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these parts will help out.
SLP Power Pack's
V-force 3 reeds
SLP Cheater Heads
SLP Engine Push Arm
700 Non-VES Single Pipe SLP
Extreme Condition Insulated Heat Tape, wrap your pipe, hot pipe BETTER performance.
It depends on HOW MUCH you want to put into this machine IT can be very quick but these part will make a huge diff. OH and a MILD port and polish couldn't hurt!!
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