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It's SOLD!

I have a NEW, never used, AD Boivin ETS SC-10 Suspension coupling kit.

I purchased it last year and then later found out that it does not fit my sled (99 Formula Z 500, no ACM).

I paid $130 plus shipping from AD Boivin.

My mistake is your gain!
Info from the AD Boivin website states:

This kit fits 97-00 Mach Z, 97-00 Mach, 00 Formula 3 800, 98-00 Formula 3 700, 97-99 Formula 3 600, 96-99 MXZ 670, 98 MXZ 600, 96-99 MXZ 583, 98-99 MXZ 500, 96,98-99 Formula Z 583, 98-99 Formula Deluxe 583, 96 Formula S.

Note: Your SC-10 suspension MUST have the ACM device.

You can improve the ride qualities of your Ski-Doo®* SC-10 rear suspension.

This upgrade kit couples the front swingarm to the rear swingarm, reducing kickback. Currently the ACM device (which couples the rear swingarm to the front) only provides control of weight transfer. This works well for keeping the skis on the snow but does nothing for improving ride quality.

With the ETS SC-10 kit installed the ride is considerably smoother and overall stability of the sled is improved, especially in "stutter bumps” or “washboard” type of trail conditions. The kit enables the use of lighter spring preload settings and allows the ACM to be tightened to the maximum without bottoming or loss of ride quality. This kit makes the front and rear shocks work together.

The ETS SC-10 upgrade kit weighs only 2.5 pounds and is made of high-tech materials. No drilling is required to install the kit. Total installation time should not exceed one hour. Available for Ski-Doo®* SC-10 rear suspension with 121 inch track and ACM.

Please contact me if you want to make your sled ride better and save $50 plus dollars.

Can Ship, I Live in Pinckney Michigan. (734) 417-0573


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