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New Arctic Cat coupling kit!!!!!

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Hey, Just wanted to let everyone know that Artic Cat has a new conversion kit for the 98-01 suspension to update it to the 2001 fully coupled version. I just installed it on my 2001 ZR600EFI. Should be pretty good. Kit comes with new Arctic Cat upper and lower rear arms, new lock nuts, coupling blocks and bolts. A lot of parts for $135!!! About the same as the Boivin kit that everyone says breaks bolts. If anyone else has tried this let me know.

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Wtf does it do? I don't see how couplers change a suspension that much. My uncle says the samething and he has a 2002 ZR 800 and a 99 ZR 700.
I have read a lot of reviews in Snow Tech and Snowgoer that rave about the difference from last year to 2002. In the small bumps the suspension works normally. (soft). When you hit the big bumps, the coupling blocks force both front and rear to work together instead of independantly. When this happens, you get an increased spring rate from the combined effect of both front and rear springs/shocks. This increases the resistance to bottoming out in the big stuff. Also the kit keeps the skis on the ground during cornering. the skidframe remains more parallel to the sled which reduces the "kickback effect" so you can ride harder in the big stuff but still enjoy a soft ride in the small stuff .

Bring on the white stuff!
Yah I heard about the kit, it's suppoosed to work great. I plan on installing it on my ZL 800, I've just got to come up with the cash. I'm still recovering from the beating I got from my wife when she saw the credit card bill for the reeds, silencer and power breather, plus misc. parts that were actually needed for the old cat.

Maybe I deserve to buy myself a Christmas present?
When you get to ride it send an update with your feelings on how well it works.

I definitely will, if we ever get some snow!!
I can't wait to try it out.

Bring on the white stuff!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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