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New Blade Model

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Not sure if anyone has posted this yet. New Blade 800 twin with an all new rear suspention (16in of travel). Pretty cool, check it out:

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Nice looking if they could just do an EFI system then it would rock.

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Yeah, a sled with that much tech incorperated into it, you'd think they'd have EFI as well. Pretty sweet though!

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Well it is a sweet ride, and they could have gone with EFI, but I think for the application, Polaris 800 VES twin with twin pipes, they did just fine with the carbed set-up. IMO I think they (FAST) would spend way too much time and money on developing a good EFI system to work with the Polaris USA motor.

Anyways, great sled, and I just wish I could afford one!


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nice looking and nice to see another company besides the big 4 making it. But holy crap are they expensive!!!

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That is another sweet sled. I like the colors and wouldn't mind having one myself.
Oh well, I love my 700.

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Very nice. Wish I could afford one.

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Looks pretty cool! Maybe I'll trade in the Strike 700 next year. However, I must admit that the new Doo Revolution 800 HO looks mighty cool too! Very Bladelike, 14.5 inches of travel, and not so pricey. The new Yamaha 4 stroke also looks cool - but a little heavy for my taste (although not bad at all for a four stroke).

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I seen one for sale just under 20k at a dealer nice sled but, I could buy 3 sleds for that price.
HA just under 20k. Man that's a good deal.

I'll stick with Polaris.

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I must say that it looks good on the Blade. Ski-Doo tried going with this design too and screwed it up.

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they are all going to the narrower taller style. I think the RX-1 looks slightly like it is starting that journey and the SnoPro sled is already there.
Whenever I sit on a Blade I always immediately say "man I hate this" I don't like how narrow and tall the body is. Feels to me like it will topple over on me. I know it won't but it is very wierd feeling I don't enjoy.

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I agree with Sled Dog. The new RX-1 and the Blades resemble each other. I've never ridden a Blade, but anyone I've talked to that has says they are unbelievably awesome. There has to be something about that style of chassis that just works. But Polaris-Man is right. $20 grand is a ton of money for what is essentially a trail sled. Nice as they may be that measures up to 2 new RX-1's and an aluminum trailer to haul 'em home.
Does anyone else find the name RX-1 interesting? If we write it Rx, could we convince the significant other that it's just what the doctor ordered?


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The dealer told me Blades are amazing trail sleds but you can get better for lakes. He was saying like other sleds are faster and the carbon fiber hand grip covers flap in the wind. Sounded to me the way he was talking that it would be a nice machine in the trails but not on the lakes.
The dealer told me Blades are amazing trail sleds but you can get better for lakes.

I would agree. They are not the fastest sleds out there. But there power to weight ratio is awesome! Fun to ride. I go the long track. It might have been nicer to have the short track in the twisties. Actually, I think AC has it right. I think 128" would be the ultimate track length.

I want to ride every day, all day, as fast as I can.
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