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I picked up a nice little Vintage Cat Drag Sled today.. I payed a bit over for a vintage sled value now days. But I could NEVER build it for what I paid.. Chassis is from tail to nose all custom built Aluminum ( DONE CORRECT) !!! Real nice !! Suspension all Grass Wheels, NO SLIDERS... 500 reed valve cat motor Ported, shaved heads 10.000. Machined Stator cover.. Polaris clutching, Machined ramps and helix.. AAEN pipes Lots, more etc... Sled Cover, two seats... Formula Plus hood like mine. Somebody put LOT of $$$$ in sled in its day. ****er sounds CRISP !!! $2000.00 I gave him. He delivered it here. I'm going to put it in basement. Strip it, Polish and buff entire aluminum chassis head to toe, Front bulkhead frame work is REAL NICE work, clean aluminum from front to rear tunnel, perfect for polishing…. Then polish buff motor, clutching, clutch cover etc... put on other seat, flare the tunnel rear is all, call it done. Take me entire year at least polishing aluminum etc... Needs nothing.....
Who ever built the chassis KNOWS aluminum work, welds etc... Not easy like steel work. I only know guys name who built the chassis aluminum work, Some Scott Warner guy... (Not who I got sled from)... REAL NICE WORK !!! Not some back yard guy for sure....

Now I have Senior and Junior Drag Sleds …. Or Big Brother and Little Brother LOL…

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