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New Desktop Wallpaper

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Here, I had them done a long time ago, just needed permission from the guy who took the picture first. There is a red and a blue version. Don't worry you fans of ther sleds. If you find a good piture, or have one of yourself that is sweet (if you ride a different brand), send it to me and I will make it a wallpaper. So if I haven''t made one of your brand yet, send me a good sized pic and I will.

[red]Red One - [/red]

[blue]Blue One - [/blue]

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i looked at them, and they're awesome. good job erick. i'd probably use one too if i didn't have my own wallpaper with my sled on it.
I put the red one on my desktop. It would have been better with an 800, but the pic was nicely put together, so I used it. Good job.

Live to Ride! - FrozenSmile
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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