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New Rings

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I am going to be putting new piston rings in my XCR 600 tripple soon, what do i have to do to breake them in? the same as a hole new piston?
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I'd treat it as a new piston. If it needs it or not, might as well be nice to it.

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Since I dont know if youve done this type of thing before I thought I better remind you that you must lightly hone the cylinder walls or you probably wont get a good seat on those new rings.

Just new rings? Yeah, put on 20-30 miles before you really go with it.

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Any one else think it should be honed out, because it has been rebulit and bored in previous years i cant notice that the rings are bad but the gaskets need replacing and i thoulght it would be a good idea on the rings to?
When you install a new piston, you always (or should anyway) put new rings in. Breaking in a motor is basically breaking the rings and cylinders in.

If the cylinders are scratched, hone it. If they aren't, leave it.

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honing it is easy and it is recomended. go to an auto parts store and buy a variable size hone and do it yourself. Instructions are included.

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Ok i do agree with the honing part UNLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, you have a chrome or NikAsiL plated cylinder, then you do not touch that bore with anything PERIOD.

If you have the cast-iron bore, i would find the finest honing stones possible and run it through two or three time very quickly and call it good. All you are looking for is a light cross-hatch pattern on the cylinder wall.

It is my personal belief that rings in snowmobiles dont really have a choice as to wether they seat or not due to the fact that they are pinned in place. So unless your cylinder has some minor flaws in it there is no use to hone it. Once again this is my PERSONAL opinion.

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My first controversy since I joined. Since this is important dont take anyones advice except mine. No, just kidding. Ask your dealer. Mine will do it for ten bucks a cylinder. I do all my own work except for a few things and honing is one of them.TriumphoverU, I have had my nikalsil cylinders lightly honed to provide cross hatching for ring seating on two occations. They did say however that they use a special stone for nikasil.
I had a shop that does re NiCaSil jobs on cylinders re-do my cylinders.

Chances are an XCR triple doesn't have NiCaSil cylinders though.

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I MIGHT skip the rings and go with just the new gaskets, i will maby sell next year and get a xcr 440 or a cat.
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Hotrod-Or a cat- yes my first sled was a 92 440 panther delux. it was good untill i blew the clutch, and had to rebuild the suspenshion because i jumped it to much. i would not mined a new ZR with alot of suspenshion but it proulby won't happen, so polaris are nice and afordable! and go like heck!!! HE HE-Ouch to much speed and not enough picks hurt. look at my profile pict!!
If you are just replacing the head gasket, then there is no need to remove the jugs, and no need to replace the rings. If you remove the jugs to replace the base gasket, then I'd reccomend a light hone, and replacement of the rings.
you know, i hate to say this, but if you are going to replace the rings, i would HONE IT. get yourself a hone with FINE stones on it, and some kerosene. hook up your variable speed drill and go to work. if your unsure how to achieve the CROSS-HATCH as hotrod mentioned, goto your library and check out a book on engine rebuilding . honing is very simple, and should be done if you are replacing rings. it might not be a bad idea to check the trueness of your cylinders, using an inside bore guage and a micrometer, check the top , bottom for taper, and for trueness. chances are if your cylendars are out of round, rings will be of no use to you cause they just will wear out again. but if everything looks good, giver her a light hone, and throw her back togather. and YES take it easy for awhile so that the rings will SEAT properly.
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Couldn't have said it better xltman, good on ya.
Yea, i will hone it because i have to replace the hole top end (gaskets) anyway. i cleaned my carbs and they were filled with black chunks in jet to fuel bowl, and rust in the little fuel inlite? into the carb. i got the seat off and gas tank to try to clean it?(gas tank) i will be rebilding my sled this summer, gettin it tuned, new gas line, pipes, drage studes,
you should have no problems, honing is very simple, ive done it countless times, not only on a sled but in all the car engines i have rebuilt, i guess my college education did pay off a little
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