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New Ski-doo pic!

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Here's the new snowcross sled.
What do you think?

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Why did they change the front suspension? Oh well they're still some nice looking sleds.

Tree's don't make the greatest brakes...
I want to know the specs on this sled!!! I want to know if they changed the position of the engine. I want to know the size of the track. Is it a normal clutch??? Why can't Doo just tell us what the sled has on it!!! It has the looks of a Blade-like sled to me. I need to know it is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ski-Doo sure kept this a big secret. I wonder if Polaris has anything under thier belt for next year, ya never know.....

Sharp sled. it really does have alot of bladelike looks. id like to take it a ride.

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Wow, Radical departure from the stock sled! I can't wait to see how it runs. Doo has the best rider lets see what they can do this year
If you guys go to SkiDoos web site *** *** They tell you all the changes they have made. They have had all the info on this sled posted for about 3 weeks now.

Need some darn snow people.

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Where did they put the motor?

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Not too bad, I just Polaris doesn't go to a A-Arm front end

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um.. can we say... toooo much like the blade? look at that narrow angular hood, and the whole thing reminds me of a blade minus the aluminum a arm, and maybe a few cosmetics... kinda the relation between the sno pro and the viper?

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Sorry, No A-Arms!

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I can tell you guys in person that this sled looks just sweet! It also isn't that close to the blade either.....some things are similar but not exact by any means! I really like the seat the best though!

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The motor must be mounted behind the front suspension. That's extremely sweet. Imagine how well balanced that sled must be. Perfect balance, tons of front suspension travel, no trailing arms, ultra-sweet seat, etc. Ooooohh. Almost makes me want a Doo.
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Ski Doo Racing Sled

Carb Setup

New Track

Octane Level Switch

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**More horsepower, better acceleration with durability
**Power Jet† carburetion system - electronic enhancement improves acceleration
**High performance rider-controlled ignition system - rider can advance or retard ignition timing with a console switch. Precaution against detonation, allowing for different types of fuel used.
**V-Force† reeds, more open reed cage - improves airflow

Improvements focus on better holeshots, acceleration and durability

**Drive clutch calibration - improved for quicker acceleration, holeshots
**Driven rollers - new location, materials and bushing increases durability and enables more efficient shifting
**Machined billet aluminum chain tensioner - increases durability
**New 1.5-inch lug track - better traction for better holeshots, especially in granular snow

Improvements centered on increasing speed in the bumps

**New shocks - increased travel: 1.5 inches for a total of 11.5. Increased big jump capability.
**Increased shock shaft diameter - increased durability
**Twin A-Arms-Save weight and allows adjustments for toe-in and toe-out and increases handling

Improvements centered on big bump and jump capability, handling

**SC-10 III™ rear skidframe - more rising-rate design is better suited for racing conditions. A wider coupling window increases weight transfer.
**Remote reservoir center shock - better resistance to fading
**Piggy-back rear shock - more travel, increased performance, better resistance to fading
**Increased travel - an additional 1.5-inches for a total of 13". Increased big jump capability, get through the bumps faster.


**Reinforced footrests, running boards, suspension points - increased durability
**One-piece handlebar, integrated J-Hooks - better ergonomics
**Two-piece aluminum throttle system - easier to replace and service

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That is the specs on their stock 440. The pictures are of the open sled. Just thought I would clear this up before any confusion. The stock race sled still has trailing arms. I hope next years stock race sled has A-arms.
I wanted to post the specs that we all could relate too because i dont see myself getting an open sled anytime soon. But yea these specs are of the one we can buy! :)

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