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New Sled/Car Shop

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Hey guys my cousin races cars and snowmobiles and hes an exceptionally expierenced mechanic and so he opened up a new shop. He did a franchise with his friend who was a previous NBA basketball player. ITs also got a dyno wheel and metal fabrication its like a Orange Coutny shop lol. Its really nice the waiting area has a big screen TV and the shop is clean and mint!! I think he designed it well i hope it goes well for him. [:D]


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Nice and big shop he has and I hope he does good in his bussiness.
He already has to many people lol. hes hiring 4 Mechanics next week . The cool thing is he services all types of cars and does preformance work too.
thats a nice pretty sweet to work there
yeah i might do some appreticing there it looks fun! All the stuff in there is crazy!
Looks pretty sweet. whats the story behind the gutted porsche?
the gutted prosches story is that one of the cranks blew i hear.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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