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New Sled!

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Ok, I know I just got the 550 this year. But I've come to realize that the guys that told me to get a 700 RMK were right. The 550 is a great sled, but it has it's limits. So I decided next year I'll definitely have a 700. Well, then my local Polaris dealer decided to have a huge sale to get rid of left over sleds. Made me a deal I couldn't pass up. So I picked up my RMK this afternoon. Can't wait to get out riding Sunday! I'll be posting pics soon.

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damn, man, you don't mess around! With the crappy snow we got, now is the time to find good deals, they're afraid they'll get stuck with a bunch of leftovers.Well anyway, congrats on the 2nd new sled AKScrambler(lucky bastard!)Get us some pics!

Dude, don't freak out.
Awesome. Have fun out there riding your sleds.

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Glad to hear it. With a sled like that, in the conditions you ride'll have a blast!

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