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new sleder helmet questions?

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i ride dirtbikes also so i have a kickbutt full face helmet and can use goggles, but i also see most of you guys use full face with a flip down sheild, my question is dont those sheilds fog ? im thinking my dirtbike setup may be a bit chilly also. so should i get one of those sheilds and how can i keep it from fogging?, just trying to get some input before i plunk down some coin on a helmet for sleddin
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Vetboy: I went to snocross helmet/goggles last year because of full face fog ups. I love it,wouldn't go back. Get yourself a nose piece(breath deflector). They just velcro in place. and good fitting goggles. I didn't find that setup cold at all.......good luck.
I have both setups, and at 20 below, you will appreciate a full face sheild. If you have a breath-deflector type thing in your full face helmet they don't fog either. Mine never fogs.

That's what I've got.

On warmer days though, I usually ride with a MX helmet and Spy goggles.

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A bit to add on to Polaris Man's post. With a full face helmet be sure you get an insulated shield. with out that, nothing you do will keep it from fogging. i've never used a moto style helmet, just the full face style. i've never had a problem with it fogging up at any temperature.

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I use my Shoei MX helmet and the Smith goggles you see in Slednecks4 with a breath deflector. Very comfortable, good visiability and no fog action.

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thanks alot guys and gals thats pretty much what i figured but wanted to run it passed some seasoned vets before i plunk down money, this web site is great, alot of nice people and good info, thanks again!
I use a KBC Drifter TK. It has a tinted visor with a heat shield. Very expensive but she works good.

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Im with polaris man, I use a HJC Air 5 helmet. It has double backed lenses with a removable breath deflector and Ive never had even a hint of fog. Plus, for this helmet I spent only a $125 and its this years helmet. I didnt have to go buy a $250 helmet. They also have some sweet designes
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