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New snowmobile - funny noise?

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Just had my new AC Z570 out for a spin and noticed a funny noise. This maybe a nrmal noise as I am relatively new to sledding. Here's the best I can describe it...sounds like a vibrating muffler noise mainly noticable between 20-40 mph especially when letting off the throttle slightly. Anyone heard this or know what it is?
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The condition you are describing is pretty vague. How many miles on the sled? Have you looked under the hood for anything loose? Any repair done to the sled lately? Clutch springs been changed? Give a bit more information and it may help resolve your issue? Keep on looking, breaking down on the trail stinks. Good luck!
If it's new and still under warranty, then run the piss out of it till it breaks or ask the dealer to look at it.It's hard to tell because snowmobiles make lots of wierd noises.How do you like your sled? Is that new fan pretty quick? I've been looking for a Z 570 around here to race with my 440 fan.I wonder who would win.

Dude, don't freak out.
Once I had the retainer pin for my belt cover work its way loose.

The sled made a funny rattle at low speeds that went away at speed.

The next time I changed the belt I found it, and it never returned.

Just a thought,


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