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New Viper heat exchanger

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Sucks you have to spend money to have a reliable sled though, when it is brand freaking new.

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yeah I know. Not everyone's blows up :(
ya it does suck , i have a viper and wanted to pipe it. luckly my sled guy deals with bender alot and called they told him a month ago about this problem , so instead of a great money vs. hp mod . it cost about $1200 to put a set of trips on these sleds if yamaha would have left the rear exchanger alone it would cost about $700-$800 for 23 hp. (not bad) now its $1200-$1600 depending on what pipes. WHAT A RIP!!!!

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there was no rear exchanger to leave alone. The Viper was designed as a SXR replacement. SXRs don't have rear heat exchangers. Only SRXs. It adds up to weight. They coudl save weight without it. And if you run in actual snow in actually low temps it can be fine. My dad was on a road when packed snow when it blew the cylinder. ACtually a Polaris boy was riding it and he was riding the guys brand new 2002 XC 700 Blue Edge
just trade the guy sled for sled for wreckin yours. nuthin wrong with tradin up ;)

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if it was a trade up sure nothing wrong with it ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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