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Hi Everyone. Sled newbie (actually never ridden one) and recent off-grid land/cabin owner. I grew up on 2 stroke MX and pre-reed Jet Skis so comfortable on 2 stroke engines. That gave me the confidence to buy 3x project sleds and see what I a can do to get them operational this summer. I am NOT hauling another load of crap (aka food) in on my snow shoes again this winter. We will see how this pans out. :cool:
The 3 sleds are:
1997 440 XC - Starts (now) wont idle, needs exhaust weld, bars, body, track and seat TLC.
1995 Indy Sport - good comp, 1x bad carb. Needs seat TLC
1996 Indy Ultra RMK with an 800 installed in it. Needs exhaust and carb work. Then body seat and bars.

Will surely ask some questions after I get into them.
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