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Hey all its SledCrew Here ,

Now I do realize that many of us have known this for a while and some people after reading this thread will say "Hmm I have never thought about that ". Lol

But when we look to buy used sleds we see 1992-2000s and stuff like that. We consider old sleds to be 90's and stuff like that but as we move into 2007 we should now be looking at year 2000 models to be old/ But the 2000 models look new. Are we moving on from the past into a generation of sleds from 2000 that look new even though they are getting old and weary? Has anyone ever thought about this ?
Just a little blog for your mind guys
Thank You Sledcrew
P.S all trails are done in our town . I put in 3 more hours this morning before going to work.
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