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No limiter straps

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I recently took off my limiter straps, this won't hurt anything right? I hope not, because It's alot better without em.

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Depends....I know a buddy that did that with his skidoo and couldn't keep the front end on the ground. Try it and see. Mark. Sometimes it's a little dangerous when cornering. B-)

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The only reason the limiter straps are on is to adjust the front ski pressure. If you like how it handles without them just leave them off. Everone has a different riding preference so there is no correct setup for every one to use. I see no problem in leaving them off.

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yeah the worst thing is you may have to rig up some sort of wheelie bar thing, but use a ski instead of wheels
Heh I don't think I'll have to worry about keeping the front end on the ground, because I ride a 500, but it's alot easier to pull it over and ride on the side like my dad does, that's the main reason I did it, but I'm sure when I'm climbin a big mountain it'll come up a bit, anyways thanks

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