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no snow situation

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Do any of you guys notice, if u have no snow that is, that you just have the urge to buy new stuff for ur sled so u can go work on it? I seem to have that problem, i have a good list of stuff iw ant to by from dennis kirk and black magic, no need for any of it really, but my sled is ready to go, the day it snows, shes ready. Only thing i will need to check is the track tension cuz right now, i have a full tank of gas, kinda hard to tip ur sled w/ a full tank of gas unless u want a mess...oh well...i have no money so all my little extras probably wont happen...Some of them will though, handlebar risers and bar hooks.

a quick ? bout bar hooks, im gonna get the full size 90 degree hooks, what angle do you guys have em at on ur bars...ok...ur standing at the side of ur sled, the hooks are pointing to what hour on the clock?

Ready to Ride...NEED SNOW!!!!!!...if you have snow, i hate you...
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Even with snow I buy addon stuff that is not necessary.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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Man i got 90"s but i wish i would of got 45s there alot nicer belive me on this one. I want snow to.
my hook is a 90 degree, the next one will be a 45. its at 7:eek: clock standing beside the sled. and yes I over accessorize when waiting for snow, and I wax it like a mad man...

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I don't have hooks on my sled. It is suppossed to get up to 40 degrees today here. I hate this dang weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yea I heard that too Erick!! Its gonna blow if it does!! WE NEED MORE SNOW
Mine are built in! hehe I love my bars

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Got 45's set at about 4:30 as you look at them from the side of the sled. The trottle side that is.

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so 45 is better u guys think? ya...i guess that makes sense, they would be easier to hold on to

damn weather, i have never seen snow melt like this in february...sposed to snow this weekend praying

Ready to Ride...NEED SNOW!!!!!!...if you have snow, i hate you...
The no snow is suckign seriously i cant take it anymore! But i figure if we cant ride the sleds mine as well trick them out for next year!
I have seen people with 90 degree ones on their brake side and 45 degree ones on their throttle side, why would you do that?

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
I am going to put my sled up on a pole, with a sign that says "I still dream..."

(@*#&$(@#&$ weather!!!!!

I Love B&M Coasters.
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<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by Polaris-Man:

[red](@*#&$(@#&$[/red] weather!!!!!

Lol, how many or what word does that make out?!

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yeah when i was outside it was about 43 degrees ......all the snow is melting #$)@# this winter is S$*@y this year

Rocks dont make good brakes
i wqan'ted 90's but the dealer said 45's would be better, and i got them for cmas so i didn't have a choice. i do now think that 45's are better though.

the 90 on the brake side is so you can really reach out and grab hard- for racing. you can't do the same on the throttle so a 45 is all you need.

When in doubt- Throttle out!

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Ok that is what I thought but I wasn't sure. Thanks.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
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