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no spark

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I have 97 ski-doo 600 trip has no spark I get power out of stator and checked kill switches and ign.
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Welcome Hotdog2. If there is no spark on any of the cylinders it won't be the coils or wires. It has to be the CDI or a bad connection somewhere. If it was just 1 cylinder that would be a different story. Good luck and don't do like a lot of other people and forget to tell us how you make out. :)
Same thing happened this weekend to a guy in our group. He rides a '93 EXT, and it was the CDI. Good luck!

I got it running first got cdi didnt work than a stator worked but there still is somthing still worng with the ign and kill you have to kill at box with putting two wires together
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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