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now all i need is some snow!!!

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ok today i got down to business on my cat, drained all the gas for some fresh high test, sucked all the old oil and refilled with some new synthetic, changed all the fuel lines to new tygon tubing, new fuel filter, changed plugs "NGK of course" changed my chaincase oil "read my slick trick on my other post on that" changed brake pads and adjusted brakes, scuffed the rotor with some sandpaper, greased the track and steering shaft, started it up and its running really good so tommorow i need to change the track slides, and axial belt and then i just need SNOW!!!!!
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snow Snow SNOW!

Beware of landowners wielding snowshovels!
Yeah tell me about it. i did everyting to get my sled ready thinkin it was gonna snow yeah right. It hasn`t snowed at all.
Same here. I'm all ready to go. It's christmas day, perfect outside, but all i see is brown grass and plowed fields.

Vetboy. Funny that you mention replacing brake pads. I was doing the same thing and i went to the dealer to get a replacement set, but to my dismay.........$120.00 !!!!!!! So, i said forget it and i'll use what i have left.

Let it snow!
whoa!! 120 bucks are they like gold or what? man i got mine for 7.99, dude check out, they have just about every brake pad set for under 20 bucks!, man dont pay dealer prices, also check dennis kirk or central snowmobile, man with those 3 places you can get just about anything you need for your sled at discount prices and they ship right away.

jl wojcik jr
Trailer them to my house, we got 2 feet of lake effect that started on the 24th and more is on the way!

I live near Buffalo and the lake is warm from the warmer than normal fall, so we will get the Lake effect for a while until the lake freezes.

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